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Internet Fraud is one of the highest growing crimes worldwide
 Your computer is more than likely infected with software to track your movements and habits when using the Internet.
 Using SPYWARE individuals all over the world can get access to your personal information, not only banking details, but files from your computer like your Business contacts, invoices or personal photos and movies. Often Spyware is installed on your computer without you knowing.
 Viruses are getting more clever and engaging computers that are running some the best anti virus software. Some even target some of the bigger Anti-Virus programs, to disable them and cause havoc.
 Today’s Virus’s don’t just delete files, they also block access to the Internet, cause your computer to run slower and even download new viruses and threats.
 Your address book can be your best friend, and… your worst enemy… if someone you know has a virus, it is likely you have it too. A lot of viruses now send them selves to members of your address book and they won’t even know its from you.
 Annoying popup messages often carry a virus or spy ware from computer to computer, these can be stopped, and therefore reduces your chances of being infected.
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